Some errors might be encountered after an API request is made and a response is returned.

Validation Errors

Validation errors occur when one or more validation rules are not met. For example, not passing a required field in the body of a request causes a 403 error

Status code: 409 - Conflict Error

    "required field": [
        "error message"

Authentication Errors

Authentication errors occur when you fail to authenticate a request or pass the correct authorization token or when you pass in an invalid token. For example, making a request without an authorization token.

Status code: 403 - Forbidden Error

    "description": "Please provide an auth token as part of the request.",
    "title": "Invalid api key"

Another instance of authentication error is making a request with a key that doesn't have permission to perform that request.

Status code: 401 - unauthorized

	"message" :"You do not have the required permission to access this resource"

Other Errors

Status CodeDescription
400The request could not be fulfilled because it already exists or is a bad request
404The request could not be fulfilled as the request resources do not exist.
500,501This request could not be completed quickly contact BrandSSL if you encounter any of these responses. it almost never happens