BrandSSL APIs are HTTP-based RESTful APIs. API request and response format are in JSON.

  • All requests should be issued using the HTTP protocol
  • All request requires authentication via an API token

API Request

To construct an API request the following components are required.

The HTTP methodGET. Request data from resource
POST . Submit data to a resource to process
PUT . Update a resource
DELETE . Deletes a resource
The URL to the live API service
HTTP request headerIncludes the Content-type header with the value application/json
A JSON request bodyrequired for making a POST request

API response

This describes the response format for BrandSSL API

BrandSSL API calls return HTTP status codes in the response headers. API calls also return JSON response bodies that include information about the resource.

Each REST API request returns a success or error HTTP status code.

Status codeDescription
200A successful GET request
201A successful POST, PUT request means your request is created or updated.